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My name is Donna Hechler Porter, and I have always lived with one foot in this world and the other in the past. It's oftentimes a strange way to live, but it is who I am. 

When I was just barely out of high school, my grandfather gave me a notebook filled with letters and documents that a number of people had sent him over the years on the McQueen family. I took that notebook, scoured through the information, realized I could go to libraries and do more research, and eventually had three poster boards of a family tree of the McQueens. 

Today, that family, along with the Crews family, takes up three very large genealogy books. I also have four novels, and am working on a fifth, based loosely on the McQueens and the Crews.  I have more genealogy books and novels planned. You will find links to the books at the top of the  page. 


When not writing, reading, or researching, I dream of log cabins and rose gardens, and I wonder a bit more about how I can bring the past into my present.    

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