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Cruse Cemetery, Tyler County, Texas, Part 4

There are three more graves in the Cruse Cemetery with connections to the Cruse Family.

The first is Clementine "Clem" Cruse. She was was born on 15 May 1837 in Jasper County, Texas, to Squire and Piety (Pruitt) Cruse. She married William "Uncle Billy" Clark. William was born on 8 January 1820. He died at the age of 46, on 30 July 1866, of blood poisoning, not long after the Civil War. He was sitting with his family by the fireside one night. An open penknife was accidentally knocked from the fireplace mantle. It fell and cut his knee. He died a few months later of blood poisoning. Clementine outlived him by 27 years, passing from this life on 13 September 1893.

Headstone of William and Clementine (Cruse) Clark

Josephine Collier was the first wife of Henry A. Cruse, who was the son of John and Elizabeth (Barclay) Cruse. She died in 1891 and Henry remarried Ada F. Bean, daughter of John Thomas "Jack" Bean and Narcissa Jane Fulghum. Both Henry and Ada were great-great grandchildren of David Crews and Annie Magee.

Tombstone of Henry Cruse's first wife, Josephine "Joe" Collier Cruse

Mattie Luciel Runnels was the daughter of Mary Ellender "Ella" Cruse and Jesse F Runnels, and the granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (Barclay) Cruse. She was born 2 September 1898 in Tyler County, Texas. At the age of four she became afflicted with intestinal complications and subsequently died on 16 September 1902.

Tombstone of Mattie Luciele Runnels, granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (Barclay) Cruse

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