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Elijah Crews Update

Elijah Crews was one of the older sons born to David Crews and Annie Magee. He was born in about 1765 in either Hanover or Bedford County, Virginia. He spent most of his early years in Bedford County and was about twelve years old when his father first went to Kentucky. In 1789 he married Susannah Dozier in Madison County, Kentucky. Susannah was the daughter of James J. and Martha Dozier.

In 1792, three years after his marriage, his father deeded him 200 acres on Otter and Silver Creeks. This property subsequently disappears from tax records, and in 1800, the Madison Court granted him permission to operate an ordinary (inn) out of his home. Tax records do not reflect his operation or ownership of an ordinary, however, so it is not known what happened to it.

By 1815, he had left Madison County and moved on to Hardin County, Kentucky.

In Metes & Bounds II: David Crews, Ancestors & Descendants, I stated that Elijah Crews died sometime after 1840. Mike Harris has located both the settlement and probate papers in Hardin County Settlement Book G, page 374 (1830-1833) and Settlement Book I, Page 190 (1835-1837).

Elijah died in 1833 at James Crews' house (possibly a son) and Elijah's son, David, executor of the estate, paid James $1.12 1/2 cents for bringing the body back home for burial.

It had often been said by the children of David Crews' second wife, that the older sons by his first marriage drank too much and eventually lost the land their father had given them. It appears, perhaps, there is some truth to this statement, thanks to the research of Mike Harris, for Elijah Crews died in debt, and his widow, Susannah, was forced to buy back her furniture.

David Crews, in his will, stated about several of these older children, including Elijah, that he had "heretofore given all he intended giving" to them. Apparently, he meant it, for it does not appear he ever gave anything more to these children, despite the fact he was a very wealthy man at the time of his own death in 1821.

Elijah Crews's son, Squire Cruse, settled in Tyler County. Many of his descendants are listed in Metes & Bounds II: David Crews, Ancestors & Descendants, and some of my more recent blog posts are on this family. Again, thanks to Mike Harris for that information as well.

For a more extensive history of Elijah Crews, readers should refer to Metes & Bounds II.

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