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Jeremiah Crews, Possible Children, Part 2

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Another possible child for Jeremiah Cruse (Crews) is a daughter by the name of Susannah. The website shows a burial for a Susannah Crews Nelson in Hull Cemetery in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. She was born in 1795, so if she was the daughter of Jeremiah she would have been born in Madison County, Kentucky, before her father's removal from there about 1799. Her death date is given as 1865, the last year of the Civil War. There is no picture of a headstone, so I am uncertain if one exists. She was, according to the page, the wife of James Nelson, and he does have a headstone in the same cemetery, although it is crude and the engraving is wearing away. James was born in 1796, and he died in 1871.

Susannah married James Nelson on 15 Feb 1820 in Daviess County, Kentucky (record is found on It has long been conjectured, again without proof, that a Cruse male found in the U. S. Federal Census for 1820 Daviess County, Kentucky is Jeremiah son of David of Madison County, Kentucky. This census records one male under the age of 10, 1 male aged 10 to 15, 1 male aged 16 to 25, 1 male 45 and/or older, 1 female aged 10-15, and 1 female aged 26-45. Clearly, Jeremiah and his wife, Elizabeth Harland (provided she had not died and this was a second wife) would be the older male and female. One of the irksome things about census records before 1850, of course, is that they do not give the other names of individuals in the household. It is worthy of note that Jeremiah, in the U. S. Federal Census for 1830 Vigo County, Indiana, ten years later, is living close to the household of John J. Nelson. There may or may not be a connection with this Nelson to Susannah's marriage. If there is, then the Nelsons and the Cruses obviously migrated from Daviess County, Kentucky, to Vigo County, Indiana, between the years 1820 and 1830.

In regards to Susannah's birth, proof does come in the U. S. Federal Census for 1850 Vigo County, Indiana, for the Honey Creek Township. James Nelson, aged 54, is the head of the household. He is enumerated with a birthplace of South Carolina. Wife Susannah's birthplace is given as Kentucky. This is more than likely the same J. Nelson that owned a joint survey with David Cruse on the map found here in last week's posting.

The 1860 Vigo County census is changed little except for an aging of ten years for both James and Susannah. Their birthplaces are still given as South Carolina and Kentucky.

Again, as I stated in my previous blog posting, more work will need to be done at the county level in order to find proof on the relationship of all these individuals. If anyone has more information they would like me to add to this blog on Susannah Cruse Nelson, or who would like to contact the researcher who is currently working on this line, free to contact me.

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