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Laeticia Nelson, Possible granddaughter of Jeremiah Crews

Laeticia Nelson was born to James Nelson and Susannah Crews, and Susannah was probably the daughter of Jeremiah Crews and Elizabeth Harland as explained here. Laeticia, therefore, would have been a granddaughter of Jeremiah Crews and a great-granddaughter of David Crews and Annie Magee of Madison County, Kentucky.

Laeticia was born in Kentucky in 1827 (7, 8, 9) prior to her parents' move from there to Indiana where they joined the families of Crews, Nelson, and others in Vigo County by 1830. She is probably the free white female under the age of five in James Nelson's household in the 1830 Vigo County, Indiana census. In the 1840 Vigo County census, she was probably one of two white females aged 10-14 in James' household. Both the 1830 and 1840 census records show the Nelsons living in Honey Creek Township.

About 1854, Laeticia married Willis Milam (1). While the marriage record states Willis' father to be James, the 1860 Vigo County, Indiana census enumerates 68 year old John Milam as living in Willis' household. Willis and Laeticia subsequently lived in the Honey Creek Township in Vigo County, Indiana. By the time the 1860 census was taken, Laeticia had borne four children - Mary Milam, born 1855, Susanna Milam, born 1856, James Milam, born 1858, and perhaps LettiAnn or Laeticia Milam, who was only three months old at the time the census was taken in June of 1860. Willis was a carpenter, and it appears from the census that he was perhaps born in Kentucky, although the writing is not clear.

Sometime about 1863, Willis must have died, and on 8 November 1865 Laeticia married a second time to Henry Loveall in Vigo County, Indiana (3).

Henry had been born in March of 1819 in Kentucky (8). He had first married in Henry County, Indiana, on 10 August 1847. The marriage record gives her name as Judy Hays (4) but the 1860 census record, as well as notes from genealogists on, indicate her name to have been Anna. I am not certain at this time if they were the same person, or if Judy died early in the marriage and Henry married a second time to Anna.

By 1860, Henry and Anna had moved to Lost Creek Township in Vigo County, Indiana, where Anna died about 1865. At the time of her death, she was survived by not only Henry, but children Susanna Loveall, born 1848, America Loveall, born 1850, Mary E. Loveall, born 1851, James Loveall, born 1853, Naomi Loveall, born 1856, and Amanda Loveall, born 1859 (5). Another child, Noah Loveall, was born in 1862 prior to Anna's death (6).

The combined household of Henry and Laeticia (Nelson Milam) Loveall in the 1870 Vigo County, Indiana census boasted of nine children, with only James' older two daughters, Susanna and America, being absent. The only child of the nine shared by Henry and Laeticia was two year old Alice Loveall, and she would be the only child Henry and Laeticia would share in common (7). Also living with the Lovealls that year was 73 year old James Nelson, who was probably Leticia's father.

Laeticia is last seen in the 1880 census record. When the 1900 census was taken, Henry was living in Honey Creek Township in Vigo County, Indiana as a boarder with John and Lillian Jordan's household.

Nothing further is know of Laeticia nor Henry.

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